Oxygen Esports Won: After the Two Rounds

Oxygen Esports Won: After the Two Rounds


Oxygen Esports won the Ludwig X Tarik Invitational 2 after mopping up Moist X Shopify in the lower group and then beating them in a thrilling final. As the winners of the competition, they earned the title of Champion.

Oxygen Esports Won: “A Battle of the Titans”

In the last event of the off-season, two Ascendant teams and two VCT Americas teams fought against each other. It was a great show of skill and excitement. The fact that the difference in tiers didn’t have a big impact on who won the event was a surprise.

Oxygen Esports Won: American Teams Don’t Do Well

Cloud9 and 100 Thieves were from the Americas, but they were both beaten by their Ascendant opponents by scores of 0–2. Both of the Ascendant teams made sure that at least one of them would be able to make it to the finals by moving on.

Oxygen Esports’s Exciting Journey

Moist X Shopify won the first match, which meant that Cloud9 was moved to a lower division. Further, Moist X Shopify beat Oxygen Esports to earn their spot in the final. On the other hand, Oxygen fought hard and beat Cloud9 earlier in the day. This meant that they would play Moist X Shopify again in the title match.

Oxygen Esports Won: The Rescue and Redemption of Oxygen

This time, Oxygen Esports had the upper hand because they had already experienced success against Cloud9 in the past. They won by a score of 3(2), which was very close, and got the title and a cash prize of $30,000.

Thoughts from the Contest Winners

Oxygen’s Reduxx said in a statement that they were happy, “It definitely felt fantastic.” Our performance in that Sunset match is very good, and we are not falling apart. This is because MXS always pushes us to our limits. That was really great. That makes me smile.

Keeping your position of power

If Oxygen Esports wins this competition, it will be their third win in an event since the team started. They won the Sean Gares Showdown, the For Those Who Dare event, and the Knights Forge Local Area Network early in their business. Now that they have won the Ludwig X Tarik Invitational 2, they are proving to be a strong opponent that should be taken into account.

Have a Look Ahead

Since Oxygen Esports has already won three games, they want to play against other Ascendant teams and take on new tasks. They are getting ready to keep up their great performance on the competition stage, even though they still have a few weeks of practice before the real games start in February.

The Ludwig X Tarik Invitational 2 gave Oxygen Esports a chance to show how determined and skilled they were, which helped them become a top team in the world of professional gaming. Fans can look forward to even more entertaining performances. From this strong team as they get ready to fight in AGENGACOR more events.